Maternity/Newborn, Photography Sessions

Maternity and Newborn Photography

Newborn photography is perhaps the most precious photography that I’ve ever had the pleasure to capture in my life. I started with a friend who I knew was going to be having a baby, and with her encouragement I learned a new aspect of my career and fell in love with it. I relish any opportunity to work with a new mom!

My research has told me that the best time to photograph baby is really between days 5 and 8. This can be flexible per baby, but the whole point is that you want the baby to still be very flexible, newborns’ muscles and tendons really start to stiffen and work after day 11 and on. So we want to be able to handle and position baby in those cute poses without actually harming them. Also, this time period they are most likely to be sleeping round the clock. So the best time for me to come is after your mid day or morning feeding when baby naps after eating. Then we have a good hour (hopefully) to pose and set up pictures. Sometimes baby wakes up, mom has to feed and change again. So a newborn session could take up to 3 hours.

The beautiful thing about this type of photography is that you don’t need a fancy studio, we can do this in the comfort of your home, in the living room on the floor, you just need a few items that most homes have laying around. Wicker baskets, or other items to prop baby on, a flat colored sheet for the backdrop, babys fav toy, maybe a cute headband or leather helmet for boys. Then we work with natural light coming in your home from windows and use additional light and diffusers as needed.

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