Get to Know your Photographer

I started my passion for photography in high school when my younger brother started his first year of pee wee football. It melted my heart to watch them play, so the next game I attended, I brought my camera and sparked a passionate fire that has not stopped since. That one game, where half of the parents noticed my gigantic lens and equipment led me to photographing various youth league sports teams. I found that I work really well with kids and their parents.  This in turn led me to pursue an actual career as a professional photographer. I had already studied it in college at this point, and it was a wonderful additional income that got me through my final college years.

I however had to spend the next several years caring for a sick loved one that put my dreams of a career in photography on a back burner, as well as my next level degree! I spent what little time I did get free photographing nature, I found that it really helped balance my mind and let me unwind after the stressful week.  I knew I would not be happy in any career other than photography when I got back to the real world. (If you’ve ever been a caregiver, you will understand what I mean by “real world”) Once our family got through that tough part in life, we decided to move north, back to their roots in New England, right here on beautiful Cape Cod.

Once we moved back here as a family, I absolutely fell in love with this land. I myself was born and raised in South Florida, so swamps, beaches, and concrete block houses were all I had ever experienced! It was such a culture shock for me at first, but once I adjusted, I knew this was home 🙂

Since then I have been working with families, having so much fun and meeting incredible people. Last year I decided to start shooting weddings and found another new love. Being a recent bride myself (November ’17!) gives me such an advantage now when I work with brides and shoot weddings. I couldn’t be happier and I would love to talk to you about the photo session of your dreams!

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