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Surprise Engagement Photography

One of the most exciting, heart-pounding moments you will have in your life, whether you’re the one proposing or getting proposed to!

It can be tricky planning a photographer to be hanging around while you find the perfect moment to take a knee and ask the big question. But fear not, I’ve done this a few times now and have gathered some tips to anyone considering taking this step!

-Keep your communication with me secret, if your significant other checks your phone often, no texting! The LAST thing we want to do is to spoil the surprise! Also, don’t be weird and overly protective of your phone now, that might make them think you are not being truthful. So, keep it to email and phone calls!

-Start talking to me at least a month ahead of time, if you’re coming to this area on vacation, let me do some recon and find the spot for you, this way, I will be in the general vicinity (about 20 yards away at max) I usually act like I’m taking pictures of wildlife and keep my ears and peripherals on high alert to listen for the moment the proposal happens, where I then swing my body around and start capturing the beautiful moments. The soon to be bride doesn’t usually see me taking pictures until afterwards, after she has cried and jumped for joy. Then I approach once you wave me over and ask if you two would like to walk around for a couple moments and find a nice spot to take a portrait with. Usually the couples are so excited, that this part lasts about ten minutes, then they are bursting to tell the world (I can’t blame them!)

Sunset beach proposals are amazing! Just sayin’…..

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